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2 Person Hot Tub – Compare 2 Person Hot Tubs

There are several reasons why people like the 2 person hot tub. 2 person hot tubs are usually cheap hot tubs that come in many different portable spa space saving shapes as well. They are great places for couples to get intimate and share time together, or to simply be alone. Many people like the 2 person hot tub because since less people are using them, they stay cleaner and spread less germs. In this section of Hot Tubs and Portable Spas, we’re going to compare 2 person hot tubs regarding features, options and price to help you find the best model if you are in the market for one of these. While hot tubs and home spas are a great place to socialize and throw hot tub parties, some don’t want a bunch of people constantly stopping by their homes to use their hot tub spa, so they purchase a 2 person hot tub!

The Gemini 2 Person Hot Tub

The Gemini 2 person hot tubs are made by Thermospas, and can virtually fit wherever you need it to go. This small hot tub is meant for 2 people, and shouldn’t exceed that capacity. These make great indoor hot tubs, but can go outdoors as well. A great hot tub spa for personal relaxation, the Gemini has plenty of room for 2 people. These hot tubs are on the pricier side compared to other two person hot tub models, but that’s only because they are some of the best ones around.

Each seat of this 2 person hot tub spa a slight difference in the seating design and hydrotherapy massage. This hot tub is a deep one, so you will be soaking all the way up to your neck in these 2 person hot tubs!

Hot Tubs and Portable Spas absolutely loves the wooden cabinet that comes standard with these 2 person hot tub spas. The look and feel of these hot tubs for sale is elegant and looks like fine furniture.

For ultimate relaxation, customize the Gemini with built in hot tub pillows among other options.

The Gemini 2 person hot tub is very economical regarding energy consumption and water use. These hot tubs work efficiently and only take 175 gallons of water to fill up, so you will save on your water bill as well as your electricity bill with this 2 person hot tub!

Riviera Corner Hot Tub

The Riviera hot tub is a corner hot tub made by QCA Spas. These 2 person hot tubs are space savers, great for those that are looking for a corner hot tub to fill out a room or backyard without taking up a bunch of space. They are also very reasonably priced – just under $3,000.

The Riviera is very energy efficient, and plugs into a standard USA 120 Volt wall. The Riviera is energy efficient by utilizing the heat generated by the hot tub pumps to heat the water. Just like the Gemini, this model will save you money on both your water and energy bills.

These hot tubs are very deep for full body relaxation while the jets give a great full body massage to relieve your stress before or after a hard day of work in your 2 person hot tub!

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