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Baja Spas

Baja Spas – Building Hot Tubs For 40+ Years

Baja Spas is one of the oldest hot tub manufacturers around. Since they were opened in 1972, you know that Baja Spas has to be doing something right to stay in business for that long.

One of their claims is that they invented the first Baja Spa acrylic hot tub. Baja Spas uses the most up to date hot tub and portable spa technology, and highest quality materials so their products can be the most durable. Unlike some of the other hot tub manufacturers, Baja Spas motto is that they don’t show their success by how many spas they produce and sell, but the quality of each individual hot tub – a motto which is good to live by in this industry.

Baja Spas Lifestyle Video

Baja Spa Features

Baja Spas “Kleen H20 System” hot tub filters circulates while filtering every inch of the hot tubs water, while the hot tub ozonator and chemical feeder keep your water sanitized. This system is unique, and does all the work for you so you can spend time relaxing in your hot tub.

If a foot massage is one of your priorities, Baja Spas might be for you since their foot jets are one of a kind. In their spas have options of many multi directional “Magna Jets” that give your feet more than 200 gallons/minute of foot hydrotherapy massage – talk about a treat!

Another option that comes with a Baja Spa is their stereo hot tubs option – a nice option to have if you like to have some entertainment while you soak in the hot tub. This option uses Sony stereos with pop up speakers and a waterproof sub woofer to create a high quality sound system. Also comes with amp and a remote control to enable your laziness while relaxing.


These hot tubs usually range anywhere from $5,000-$10,000.

One of the best hot tub you can buy today!


  • 37 Stainless Steel Massage Therapy Jets
  • 5.5kW Heavy duty Titanium Heater
  • Hydro Clear Ozonator purifies water
  • Easy access 50 Ft. reusable filters

Energy Efficient

These hot tubs are partnered with Energy Star, a government backed program to help the environment through superior energy efficiency. This means that these hot tubs are energy efficient and will cut down on your electrical bill while you don’t have to sacrifice any performance – which is just another reason to go with Baja Spas.

It is hard to find Baja Spas now days so we have short some of the top hot tub models you can buy today at discounted price.

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