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Buy A Hot Tub – Things To Think About Before Buying A Hot Tub

So you think you are ready to buy a hot tub. You’ve done a bunch of shopping, read plenty of hot tub reviews, compared options and want to buy a hot tub. But have you considered everything that you should have before buying a hot tub? In this section of Hot Tubs and Portable Spas we’re going to make sure that you are aware of everything that you might not have been before you buy a hot tub.

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Customer Service

Whoever you are buying a hot tub from – whether it be a hot tubs dealer, an online store or factory direct (we’re not going to go into buying used hot tubs here since customer service won’t really apply), will they be there for you years down the road? How long has this company been conducting business for? A good rule of thumb when it comes to business is that if the company has been around for a long time, then they are treating their customers good which keeps them returning or telling their friends to go there.

Customer service goes a long way when it comes time to buy a hot tub. Say you need hot tub service for something that shouldn’t have happened, like the hot tub pumps went out in the first week. Is the company going to come out to your house and fix it for free, or relatively cheaply compared to getting another party to come in and service the hot tub spa?

Hot Tub Warranty

A good hot tubs warranty should be involved if you are going to buy a hot tub. This warranty should protect your hot tubs shell against anything that might cause water loss / cracking / peeling, all of the plumbing should be covered, and the parts / controls should be covered as well.

Another thing to think of is how long the warranty will cover you after you buy a hot tub. If the warranty only covers your portable spa for a couple months after you purchase it, then it’s as good as worthless to you.

Hot Tub Parts Reputation

You should do some research by reading hot tub reviews, forum posts and asking other experts as well as your friends / coworkers concerning the hot tub parts carried by the brand you want to buy from. Are they known to be durable, or are these parts going to fall apart right after you buy a hot tub?

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