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Cal Spas

Cal Spas – Everything You Need For An Amazing Backyard

Cal Spas carries everything that you would ever need for your backyard. Whether it be hot tubs, home spas, portable hot tubs, swim spas,hot tub covers, hot tub gazebos / villas, patio furniture, firepits, bbq islands, bbq carts or drop in grills – Cal Spa has it to make your backyard so comfortable and fun that you won’t ever want to leave it. Cal hot tubs or Spas offers many different models of hot tubs, all reasonably priced and strong, durable, designed for performance and a wide selection of colors / textures to fit any home’s decor. There is many reasons to buy Cal Spas – their solid reputation speaks for themselves.

Hot Tub Enclosures

Cal Spas hot tub enclosures to protect your hot tubs from weather and elements, and keep the water crystal clean while reducing the amount of maintenance you will need to spend. The Cal Spa hot tub enclosures and gazebos are sturdy, and designed for maximum durability so you can enjoy more privacy in your outdoor spas. You can even go a step further with these hot tub gazebos and add barstools, bar tops, bay windows alcoves and more – all made by Cal Spas.

Cal Flame

Cal Jacuzzis might be even better known by their counterpart, Cal Flame. Cal Flame make some of the best BBQ’s, drop in grills, barbecue carts and outdoor kitchens around. These products are high quality and spectacular, a perfect match for any of the Cal Spas.


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