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Cheap Spa and Hot Tub Covers

Cheap Hot Tub Covers – Cheap Spa Cover Information

Cheap Hot Tub covers are tempting, this we know. Anything that will cost you less money will allow you to do something else with the money sounds good right? But what about when you end up spending more cash to replace the old cheap spa cover that you bought because you found a great deal on it? Eventually you will have to replace it, or your portable spas will suffer. Many of these cheap spa covers are very low quality.

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Cheap Spa Covers Won’t Retain Heat As Well

While a cheap spa cover might cost you less to begin with, in the long run they will end up costing you more on your electricity bill. The low quality models won’t retain your hot tubs heat as well as more high quality models, and you will have to waste more energy to heat it.

More Likely To Rip Or Tear

This one is a no-brainer. Cheap spa covers are made out of low grade vinyl and other low quality materials, which is exactly why they cost you so little. Even when these hot tub covers are brand new, which is when they should be their absolute strongest, they are still very susceptible to rips and tears that shouldn’t happen. Here at Hot Tubs and Portable Spas we’ve heard all kinds of customer stories about cheap spa covers breaking down when the customer didn’t even misuse it, something that should never happen.

The Locks and Straps Consistently Become Unusable

Hot tub covers usually have locks somewhere on the side of the cover that keeps it locked tight against the hot tub spa for maximum heat retention and to keep the cover in place in case the wind or anything moves it. Cheap hot tub covers locks will rust over leaving you with a cheap hot tub cover that doesn’t even serve it’s purpose.

Many times the straps will rip also, making it hard to remove your hot tubs cover.

If you are considering buying a cheap spa cover and a store is telling you that it’s high quality, I would think twice before believing them. There’s usually a reason that they are selling these low priced cheap spa covers.

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