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Compare jacuzzi Options

Back when jacuzzi were first invented, the first models were very simple and performed nothing like they do today. Since these modern jacuzzis offer user more options than ever before, you should take full advantage of these options! This section of Hot Tubs and Portable Spas is aimed to bring attention of the various jacuzzi options and compare them, so when you finally decide to make a purchase you are better informed of every possible jacuzzi option available.

Jacuzzi Seat Options

When the first hot tub spa came out, all it had was simple bench seating. With maximum comfortability in mind, jacuzzi nowadays now offer much more than just that. You can customize your hot tubs to have bucket seats which are indented and hug your bottom much more comfortably than the original bench. Probably the most comfortable type of jacuzzi seat, especially for those with back pain is the hot tub lounger – a seat that you can rest your back down on while keeping your head above water. And then there’s the cool down hot tubs seat, which raises hot tub bers out of the water a bit, to give them some relief when they start to overheat.

There might be one of these seats with added benefits of hydrotherapy compared to the other jacuzzi seats that we like to call “Hydrotherapy Seats”. While some hot tub dealers might try to say that they have other types of seats, usually they are just one of the options above that I just mentioned, re-packaged with a new name. Don’t fall for that sales gimmick.

The best option for the majority of people is to utilize a combination of these seats, and reap the benefits from everyone of these seats.

Jet Options

While a jacuzzi hot tub jets are a great thing and hot tub manufacturers usually try to sell you on the myth that more hot tub jets is better, that isn’t always the case. While having an abundance of jets is nice, it is more important how these jets work and exactly where they are placed in jacuzzi. You want them to be placed along all of the major muscle groups, and exactly where your body is storing tension. This means that the jets should be placed along your neck, upper back, spine, lower back, seat, legs, calf and feet. After all, a big reason many people invest in their jacuzzi is relaxation!

There are the standard hot tub jets, the smaller jacuzzi jets give you a more soothing / lighter massage, large whirlpool jets that move a lot of water around the hot tub spa and pulsating / moving jets do exactly what the name implies and can give a great massage.

While hot tub manufacturers might call their jets something different and try to claim that their system is better, this is basically type of jacuzzi jets will fall into one of these categories.

Once again the best jet systems incorporate a combination of these features for the ultimate in hydrotherapy massage and total relaxation!

Hot Tub Shape & Size

jacuzzi come in all different shapes and sizes. While none of these options really affects the hot tubs performance, what you should choose will all come down to what is options are available and how many people will be using it at one time.

The main jacuzzi shapes that you will find are circle, square, rectangular and oval while some hot tubs can come in the shapes of hearts and all kinds of other options. If you are looking for indoor hot tubs then your jacuzzi shape might be confined to the shape of the room you are planning on putting it in. The shape won’t ever effect your hot tub spa performance, but you might prefer the look of one over another.

Your choice of hot tub size will boil down to how many people will be using it. If you live with only 1 other person, then maybe all you need is the intimate 2 person hot tub. But if you have a big family or expect to have big hot tub parties, then maybe you should invest in the largest 8 person jacuzzi.

Energy Efficiency

Are you worried about what your jacuzzi going to do to your energy bill? If so then maybe you should purchase a more energy efficient hot tub. Hot tub manufacturers accomplish this by better insulating their jacuzzi, and by making their hot tub heaters more efficient at heating. Investing in one of these will make sure that your eyes don’t pop out of your head when your energy bill comes around! A good way to know that you are buying a hot tub spa that really is energy efficient is to see if the jacuzzi compliant with the California Energy Commission (CEC).


What else do you plan to do inside your jacuzzi? Since some of us have abnormally short attention spans, and need more than just relaxation out of a hot tub spa, there are numerous entertainment options. These include: stereos, TVs, aromatherapy packages, hot tub toys, water falls, fountains, different kinds of lighting / light shows and more! These possibilities are endless and manufacturers keep finding new ways to keep us entertained.

Being aware of all the different options will maximize the enjoyment you receive out of your jacuzzi.

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