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Great Lakes Spas – Making Hot Tubs For Nearly 40 Years

Great Lakes Spas have been making hot tubs for almost 40 years, under the name of Glamour Pools when they were founded in Michigan. In 2007, Great Lakes Spas were acquired by Emerald Spa, another hot tub manufacturer out of Michigan. Being acquired by Emerald Spa was good for both parties, giving customers many different designs at a wide range of prices – from cheap hot tubs to the most luxurious of all hot tubs.

Great Lakes Spas Hot Tub Features

Great Lakes Spas have many different hot tub jets to customize their hydrotherapy experience. They offer small 1.5” mini jets, 1.75” neck jets, 3”-5” pulsating jets, 3”-5” multi directional jets, 5” twin spin jets, 7” massage jet and the volcano jet. Each of these jets have different jobs, their own purpose, and massage your body in different ways.

GreatLakesSpas have many different great looking hot tub shells, wooden cabinets,and hot tub covers so you can customize the way your hot tub looks. This includes shell colors, the granite series which has granite rock looking texture, and the polyethylene shell series. Each one of these hot tub shells comes with different color styles.

Energy Efficiency

These brand of hot tub spa has two different components that makes them more energy efficient. The first one is the special cabinet lamination that creates a barrier from outside air and locks warm air in, and the second is the spa shell surrounded by a closed foam insulation. This system improves performance, while cutting down on energy cost used by your Great Lakes Spas!

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