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Home Spas – Will A Home Spa Increase The Value Of Your Home?

While most people purchase home spas for the sheer enjoyment of having one in their backyard, some homeowners wonder what will happen to the value of their property if they decide to buy a home spa. In this section of hot tubs and portable spas, I’m going to go over cases where home spas might, and might not increase the overall value of your home.

So Will My Home Spa Increase My Home’s Value?

Generally speaking, home spas will increase the value of your home. But if you only are looking to buy a home spa for investment purposes, we think that’s not such a good idea. This is because adding a home spa, like most home improvement projects, never have the same ROI (return on investment) of the purchase price, price of installation, and regular maintenance that it takes for owning home spas.

There is no telling how much home spas will effect the value of your property, or if they will have any effect whatsoever.

Can Home Spas Decrease The Value Of Your Home?

There are certain instances where a home spa can actually decrease the value of your home even though generally speaking, hot tubs will increase your home’s value. The most common circumstance is when your potential buyer doesn’t like the idea of having jacuzzis in their backyard. This is especially true with non self-contained home spa hot tubs that are built into the ground, old, and need lots of work. It’s not as big of a problem with portable spas, since these home spas can be either sold, stay with the old homeowner and moved to their new location, or taken to the dump!

Home Spas Investment – Conclusion

Overall, a home spa shouldn’t be added to one’s home just because the homeowner wishes to make more money than they put into it. In general, this just isn’t being realistic. You should invest in home spas because you want you and your family to enjoy it, not your wallet.

Last updated on July 13, 2024 12:34 pm
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