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Hot Tub Accessories – Hot Tub Spa Accessories Information

Hot tub accessories can make your hot tubs and portable spas a blast! Not only are these fun hot tub accessories, besides being fun they can also make your home spas more relaxing and enjoyable to be in. Hot tub accessories gifts can brighten up any birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah or any other holiday for those who own their own hot tubs. In this section of Hot Tubs and Portable Spas, we’re going to compare the different hot tub accessories.

Types Of Hot Tub Accessories – Hot Tub Spa Accessories

    • Hot Tub Spa Umbrellas

These hot tub accessories protect you, your family and your friends from damaging UV rays. These can be nice when the sun is out but the temperature is mild and you would still like to bathe in your outdoor spas without the sun in your face or damaging your sunglasses from the hot tub chemicals.

    • Handrails

These hot tub spa accessories provide your hot tubs with an added element of safety, especially for your kids or the elderly.

    • Thermal Blankets

Hot tub thermal blankets will save you money on your energy bill by not wasting energy. These will also keep most of the hot tub chemical smells under the thermal blanket, where they belong.

    • LED Lighting / Light Shows

These are great fun hot tub accessories, and will be a hit at any hot tub spa party that you throw. Turn on the lights and these systems can strobe between 4 colors or more for an awesome visual experience.

    • Trays or Caddys

These items are for those of you who just love to be lazy in your hot tubs! These hot tub spa accessories will let you put your books, playing cards, food or drinks close at hand so you never have to leave your beloved hot tubs.

    • Floating Toys

There are many of these fun hot tub accessories around in many different forms. Some squirt, some just kind of sit there. Kids love these, they make great hot tub accessories gifts.

    • Floating Candle Holders

These can be really fun and great at night. Sure to impress that special someone.

    • Floating Games

There are many fun hot tub accessories games that can be found at various hot tub stores. These games include checkers, chess among many others. Play games in your hot tubs!

    • Waterproof Playing Cards

These hot tub accessories allow you to play poker, rummy or any other card game you want, while in your portable spas! These make great hot tub accessories gifts!

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