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At first learning about hot tub chemicals can be really frustrating. But if you’re not scared to learn about hot tub chemicals, and get into the routine of checking and adding hot tub chemicals to your indoor and outdoor spas, then you will quickly realize that it’s not all that hard and anybody can do it. In this section of Hot Tubs and Portable Spas, we’re going to teach you all about hot tub spa chemicals.

Why Use Hot Tub Chemicals?

Why do we use hot tub chemicals? Quite simply stated, to kill all of the bacteria and unwanted things that grow in our hot tubs and portable spas water! Remember that bacteria like warm, wet places, so that makes hot tubs the perfect breeding grounds for unwanted pests. This just means that we have to use hot tub chemicals to stop the bacteria, before it makes our hot tubs gross and dangerous to be in.

Water Sanitizers

Water sanitizer hot tub chemicals will be the backbone of your hot tubs water quality. Here’s Hot Tubs and Portable Spas breakdown to the top water sanitizers used in hot tubs today. For a more in depth look at hot tub water sanitizers, go to that section of Hot Tubs and Portable Spas located in the hot tub chemicals section.

Bromine is one of the favorite hot tub chemicals used on the market today. Bromine can be bought in hot tub stores in the form of tablets, granules or nuggets. 1 form of Bromine needs to be activated with an oxidizer such as chlorine, or another oxidizer. The other form of Bromine is self activating. Bromine is the most popular form of hot tub chemicals because it doesn’t give off as much of that spa chemicals smell.

Chlorine is usually used in pools but it’s used in hot tubs as well, in different concentrations. You can buy chlorine in granule or tablet form. Chlorine does a great job of sanitizing your hot tubs, but it gives off a strong odor of that hot tub chemicals smell that most people really dislike.

A hot tub ozonator isn’t spa chemicals at all, but it kind of acts like one so we’ll put in this page. Ozone reduces the stress put onto your hot tub chemicals, allowing them to work more effectively. For a more in depth look at hot tub ozonators, go to that section of Hot Tubs and Portable Spas located in the hot tub parts section.

Other Hot Tub Chemicals

There are other hot tub chemicals that you should be aware of such as water balancers, hot tub shock treatment, hot tubs water clarifiers and cleaning chemicals.

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