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Hot Tub Controllers – Hot Tub Controller Information

Hot tub controllers are what control your hot tubs heater, pumps, hot tub jets, light, stereo, tv and anything else that you can control in your hot tubs or swim spas.

Types Of Hot Tub Controllers

There are two different types of hot tub controllers – air hot tubs controls and electric spa controllers. While neither one of these is better than the other, some people prefer either one of these for their own reasons. The bottom line of a hot tub controller is that if it is user friendly (doesn’t take a genius to figure out), and it works (does it’s job), then it’s a good hot tub controller.

Air controls are very dependable, but they don’t usually last as long as electric hot tub controllers. Electric hot tub controllers offer digital displays of temperature, and some automatic shut off features. The only problem with these spa controllers is when moisture gets inside, then the hot tub service guy needs to come out to your home spas to fix the problem. These electronic spa controllers have gotten better in the recent years though.

Features Of Good Hot Tub Controllers

The best systems have a number of features to benefit their hot tubs and portable spas users. This includes an automatic shut off which will turn off your hot tub spa in case you forget, a fault display that displays the problems associated with your hot tubs, panel locking to keep your children/friends/unwanted guests out of the hot tub and temperature locking that keeps your hot tubs water temperature consistent.

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