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Hot Tub Cover Lifters – Hot Tub Cover Lifter Information

Hot tub cover lifters increase the overall benefits of your jacuzzis and make your whole hot tubs a whole lot more enjoyable. Hot tub cover lifters are basically tools that give you help with removing those heavy hot tub covers off of your hot tubs. On this page of Hot Tubs and Portable Spas, we’re going to discuss exactly why you need hot tub cover lifters.

Save Your Back With A Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Hot tub cover lifters can really save your back – after all one of the top reasons that people invest in hot tubs is because of back problems. Since the average hot tub covers weigh around 20-30 pounds and will only get heavier once it gets waterlogged, removing and picking up your hot tubs cover can really strain your back. Hot Tubs and Portable Spas has received emails from people stating that their waterlogged cover weighs almost 100 pounds, imagine what that could do to your back if you had to pick up your spas cover every time that you used your hot tub spa! A hot tub cover lifter takes off your spa cover for you and holds it in place just off of the spa, so you will never have to bend down and pick up that cover again with a hot tub cover lifter!

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Hot Tub Cover Lifters Uncover Your Hot Tubs Quicker

When you are ready to get into your hot tubs, you want to get into them RIGHT NOW! Hot tub cover lifters don’t just make it easier to take off your spas cover, they also help you take it off quicker so you can get into your hot tubs quicker!

Hot Tub Cover Lifters Give Your Hot Tubs A Little More Privacy

Since the hot tub cover lifter keeps the hot tubs cover upright, it will increase the privacy you get in outdoor spas. If you position your hot tub cover lifter strategically towards your neighbors houses, you can really maximize the amount of privacy you receive.

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