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Hot Tub Dealers – Advantages & Disadvantages Of Buying From Hot Tubs Dealers

While there are many advantages of buying from hot tub dealers, there are a lot of disadvantages of purchasing from a hot tubs dealers as well. This page of Hot Tubs and Portable Spas identifies both advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a hot tub spa from hot tub dealers, so you can then make the choice of buying from hot tub dealers – or not.

Advantages Of Hot Tub Dealers

The biggest advantage of buying from hot tub dealers is being able to actually look at, feel, and test the hot tubs that you are considering purchasing. This is definitely a comforting feeling, knowing what you are going to get, and exactly what it looks like. Wet testing, or actually getting into the hot tub spa while it is in action should be done by every hot tub dealers if they are serious about making the sale. This way there will be no surprises when the portable spas show up at your house, because you already got to try it at the hot tub dealers shop.

Hot tub dealers should be knowledgeable and should be able to answer all of your questions regarding hot tubs as well. If they can’t, walk out the door and find a different hot tub dealer.

Accountability is another thing that is good from buying from hot tub dealers. It’s nice knowing that there is a physical location of the hot tub dealer, so if you get ripped off you can come storming into the hot tub dealers store and throw a hissy fit.

Disadvantages Of Hot Tub Dealers

The biggest disadvantage of buying from hot tub dealers will be the hot tub prices. Hot tub dealer employees, like used car salesmen work mainly off of commission. So they are going to do everything within their power to sell you jacuzzis at the highest possible prices. These dealers also have much more overhead then if you bought a portable hot tub spa factory direct. Think about it – the owner has to pay for rent, inventory, employees, advertising and more so they have to sell their hot tubs more expensive if they want to profit.

The most annoying part about dealing with hot tub dealers is having to deal with salespeople. These salespeople who are again like used car salesmen, will be surrounding you like a flock of vultures as soon as you enter the hot tub dealers doors throwing out every sales tactic and gimmick in the book. This is almost enough to leave right away, and never come back.

The answer is up to you – do you want to buy from hot tub dealers with a little more confidence, or take a little gamble from an online retailer and go for the big score?

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