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Hot Tub Heaters – Hot Tubs Heater Information

Your hot tubs wouldn’t be hot at all without the hot tub heaters. Without the hot tub heaters, you would be sitting in a cold pool of running water. Hot Tubs and Portable Spas knows that when your hot tubs heater breaks down it can be really frustrating, but it really isn’t rocket science. Hot tub heaters aren’t all that complicated, and repairs from hot tub service professionals shouldn’t be all that costly or take very long.

The Best Hot Tubs Heater

Your ideal hot tubs heater should have many different qualities. Among these are energy efficiency, a silent hot tubs heater, stainless steel burners, well insulated against heat loss and against anybody who tries to touch it, user friendly control panel and a method for easy installation. The last trait you want to look for when buying a hot tubs heater is at least a 1 year warranty, as they should last at least this long.

Determine Why Your Hot Tub Heaters Don’t Work

If your portable spas are not getting warm, the first thing you should do is make sure that your hot tub pumps are working. If these aren’t working, then the water won’t get pushed through the hot tub heaters, hence the water not getting warm.

If your pumps are working, then the next step you should do is see if the hot tubs heater is getting electricity at all. Using a volt and amp meter and testing at both terminals of your hot tubs heater will let you know if it’s getting electricity at all. If it’s not getting any electricity it could be for several reasons: low water flow, dirty hot tub filters, an electricity short or a clogged tube somewhere feeding into the hot tubs heater. For gas hot tub heaters, one of the first things you should do is see if the pilot light is lit.

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