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Hot Tub Jets

Hot Tub Jets – Hot Tubs Jets Information

A hot tub wouldn’t be close to what it is if it wasn’t for the hot tub jets. Hot tubs are one of the top reasons why jacuzzis are so comfortable and relaxing, and why it is so easy to unwind and relax the stress from a long day. There are many different styles of hot tub jets, in this page Hot Tubs and Portable Spas is going to discuss the different types of hot tub jets, and what they do.

Last updated on July 12, 2024 11:58 pm

Types Of Hot Tub Jets

The most common type of hot tub jets that you see in most portable hot tubs is the standard sized hot tub jets. These are controllable hot tub jets, so you can get the type of hydrotherapy massage that you want. If you want a more deep tissue massage you can turn your hot tub jets up, and if you want a more relaxing massage you can turn them down and sink into the hot tub spa.

Small hot tub jets are for a more soothing, relaxing massage. These hot tubs jets inject a lot of air and bubbles into the hot tubs water, which make a relaxing tingling feeling all over your skin.

Pulsating hot tubs jets are meant to knead your muscles, much like one of the tricks that a professional masseuse does when you get a massage. These hot tub jets almost actually feel like hands kneading your muscles.

Pillow hot tub jets target the muscles in your neck and the top of your back. These are some of the most relaxing of all hot tub jets especially since your neck and the top of your back is where your body likes to store stress and soreness.

Foot jets are a favorite stated by many hot tub reviews. Because many of us are on our feet most of the day, foot jets are a good way to relax our feet after a hard day.

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