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Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot Tub Maintenance Information – Hot Tubs Maintenance

Do you want to keep your hot tubs and portable spas for a long time? Do you want your hot tubs to be inviting to get into? If you answered yes to either of those last two questions, then you need to practice regular hot tub maintenance! And if you bought your hot tub from a hot tub manufacturers that supplied a warranty, they may not honor that warranty if you showed improper hot tub maintenance practices.

Hot Tub Maintenance – Chemicals

Your hot tub chemicals (see section for more information about hot tub chemicals) should always be at proper levels to ensure proper hot tub maintenance. This includes your hot tubs sanitizers, hot tub shock and proper use of your hot tub ozonator.

Hot Tub Maintenance – Spa Shell

Hot tub maintenance of your hot tubs spa shell will keep it lasting longer. Use a stain and scale prevention every time that you change your hot tubs water to kill algae and bacteria that makes the discoloration which form at the top of your hot tub water line. There are plenty of stain and scale hot tub products that will fix this problem easily.

Hot Tub Maintenance – Hot Tub Covers

At least three times a year, you should clean and protect your hot tub covers. Use a mild soap and water solution to wipe down the cover, and use a hot tub cover protectant that will protect the vinyl material from cracks which will happen from exposure to UV rays.

Changing Your Hot Tubs Water

You should change your hot tubs water depending on how much you use it, and how much unwanted residues enter the hot tub spa water. As a general rule of thumb for the best hot tub maintenance, you want to change your water every 3-4 months. Following this general rule will make sure your portable spas water is inviting for you and your guests to get into.

Changing Your Hot Tubs Filter

Because every hot tub filters are different, you should refer to the product manual regarding this information. Some hot tub filters only last a couple months, while others last a year or more. Keeping your hot tubs filter rotating out on a consistent schedule will make sure your hot tub maintenance is optimal.

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