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Hot Tub Repair

Hot Tub Repair Information – Hot Tubs Repair

It is normal for your home spas to need some hot tub repair from time to time. But, if it seems like you are doing hot tub repair on your jacuzzis all the time, then maybe it is time to get a new hot tub spa. But for the smaller problems with your hot tubs, some simple hot tub repair might be all you need to get your portable spa back in working order. As a general rule, if you don’t know what is wrong with your hot tub and/or you don’t know how to fix it, then it’s best to get hot tub service professionals to do your hot tub repair.

Hot Tub Repair Common Problem #1 – Your Hot Tub Overheats

If your hot tubs are overheating this can be a pretty serious problem and should require immediate hot tub repairs. This usually happens because of any one of these 3 different hot tub parts are malfunctioning : the hot tub controllers, the hot tub heaters or the thermostat. You should disconnect each one of these parts individually to see which one of these parts is causing the problem, then replace the parts.

Hot Tub Repair Common Problem #2 – Your Hot Tub Lights Are Off

This problem doesn’t require immediate hot tub repair, since it’s not life threatening. But at some point you might want to have your lights back, and then it’s time to go in and do some hot tub repairs. This could be happening because of the light fuse, the light air switch, or the lamp itself. You can fix this by testing the light bulb. If the bulb is blown, get a new bulb. If the light air switch isn’t giving your any voltage, then you need to replace the light air switch hot tub parts. If none of this worked, then it’s the fuse which should be repaired by a hot tub repair professional. Don’t attempt to do this yourself.

Hot Tub Repair Common Problem #3 -Your Hot Tubs Water Isn’t Flowing

The only hot tub repairs that will need to be done with this problem are associated with the hot tub pumps. Hot tub repairs to the hot tub pumps should only be done by professionals. Only touch your hot tub pumps when the power is disconnected.

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