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Jacuzzi Service Information – Hot Tub Services

Owning a hot tub means that at some point you will most likely need a hot tub service technician to come out to your home and service your portable hot tubs. On this page I’m going to tell you what you should do when you need hot tub service.

You basically have two options when it comes to hot tub service, doing it yourself or hiring service technicians to come to your home spas. Some problems might be easy to fix yourself, and others might not. If you don’t know how to do hot tub service on your home spas, then it’s best to leave it up to the professionals. Jacuzzis and Portable Spas frequently hears stories of people that thought they could save money by performing Jacuzzi services themselves, only to end up paying a lot more to fix the problems they inflicted on their hot tubs, or having to buy completely new units after they did a hot tub service job themselves.

Jacuzzi Service Help

Our favorite site to find hot tub service help is This site asks you a series of questions online about why you need Jacuzzi service, then they direct you to information to fix it yourself, or refer you to Jacuzzi services for professional help. is another great place to go for finding hot tub service people in your area. This company has a huge network of hot tub service professionals worldwide including the entire United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The Hot Tubs Depot has some great information in their info guide concerning hot tub repair and hot tub service. They give you a list of symptoms, what hot tub parts might be acting up, and how to fix them.

Warnings Of Doing Hot Tub Service Yourself

Because the water inside your hot tubs and portable spas is a great conductor of electricity, Jacuzzis and Portable Spas doesn’t recommend that you do any electrical repairs yourself unless you are an electrician. Ignoring this warning can lead to electrocution, injuries and even death. Be safe and call a qualified hot tub service technician to do these jobs for you.

Spa Tech – When To Use Spa Technicians

A spa tech can save your life – literally! There will be certain times that you should always use a qualified spa tech for your hot tubs and portable spas. While cheap hot tubs will need spa technicians more than higher quality hot tubs, even the highest quality hot tubs and spas will need a spa tech from time to time.

Spa Tech Circuit Board Repairs

A spa tech can fix or replace your hottub circuit boards. The normal price to do this is usually around $150, but every circuit board is different so you should always ask your spa tech for an estimate beforehand. If you send it in to a spa technician then it should take around 2 weeks but if you get a hot tub service professional they could have it fixed in the same day.

Spa Tech Hot Tub Motor Repair

Fixing your hot tub motors can cover a wide range of prices and is not recommended to be done by anybody besides spa tech professionals. If you’re lucky and it’s only a small problem it might only cost you $30 to replace a little part or you might have to fork over $150 or more for a brand new hot tub motor. Check your portable spas hot tub warranty to see if you’re still covered before you call a spa tech. Buy hot tub motors here!

Spa Tech Hot Tub Heaters Repair

Hot tub heaters are kind of like spa tech hot tub motor repair in the sense of that your problem could end up costing you a wide range of prices. If you are lucky and only a small part of the hot tub heater is broken, you might only pay $25 while replacing a whole Hot Tub Heater system will cost you at least $150. Fixing hot tub heaters can be tricky and should only be done by a qualified spa tech.

Hot Tub Repair Information – Hot Tubs Repair

It is normal for your home spas to need some hot tub repair from time to time. But, if it seems like you are doing hot tub repair on your jacuzzis all the time, then maybe it is time to get a new hot tub spa. But for the smaller problems with your hot tubs, some simple hot tub repair might be all you need to get your portable spa back in working order. As a general rule, if you don’t know what is wrong with your hot tub and/or you don’t know how to fix it, then it’s best to get hot tub service professionals to do your hot tub repair.

Hot Tub Repair Common Problem #1 – Your Hot Tub Overheats

If your hot tubs are overheating this can be a pretty serious problem and should require immediate hot tub repairs. This usually happens because of any one of these 3 different hot tub parts are malfunctioning : the hot tub controllers, the hot tub heaters or the thermostat. You should disconnect each one of these parts individually to see which one of these parts is causing the problem, then replace the parts.

Hot Tub Repair Common Problem #2 – Your Hot Tub Lights Are Off

This problem doesn’t require immediate hot tub repair, since it’s not life threatening. But at some point you might want to have your lights back, and then it’s time to go in and do some hot tub repairs. This could be happening because of the light fuse, the light air switch, or the lamp itself. You can fix this by testing the light bulb. If the bulb is blown, get a new bulb. If the light air switch isn’t giving your any voltage, then you need to replace the light air switch hot tub parts. If none of this worked, then it’s the fuse which should be repaired by a hot tub repair professional. Don’t attempt to do this yourself.

Hot Tub Repair Common Problem #3 -Your Hot Tubs Water Isn’t Flowing

The only hot tub repairs that will need to be done with this problem are associated with the hot tub pumps. Hot tub repairs to the hot tub pumps should only be done by professionals. Only touch your hot tub pumps when the power is disconnected.

Hot Tub Wiring Information – Hot Tub Electrical Wiring

Before we go over hot tub wiring, be warned that this can be a dangerous job if not done correctly. With that said, there are some parts of hot tub wiring that might save you some hot tub service money.

Hot Tub Wiring Warnings

Hot Tub wiring can result in electrocution leading to major injuries and even death. If you aren’t comfortable in doing the hot tub wiring job yourself, don’t even try.

If you hire somebody to do your hot tub wiring that is unlicensed, if anything happens to your hot tubs during the process the hot tub warranty won’t cover any damages. This can end up costing you a whole lot more money.

If you hire somebody to do your hot tub wiring that is uninsured, if they get hurt in the process they can sure you and try to get whatever they can out of you. We know that these are nightmare stories, but have happened before.

Hot Tub Wiring Diagram

This hot tub wiring diagram is intended for professional use only. If you are not a hot tub service professional, we recommend that you leave this job to the professionals. Getting a professional to come out to your portable hot tubs normally costs around $200, but will help you sleep at night knowing that the job was done right, and that you and your family will be safe when using your hot tub spa. Trying to do your hot tub wiring yourself can get ugly.

Hot Tub Installation – Hot Tubs Installation Information

After purchasing a hot tub the next thing you have to thing about is if you want to do the hot tub installation yourself, or hire a hot tub service professional to do it for you.

Before deciding to do this hot tub installation task yourself, you should check your local city and state laws regarding hot tub installation. Some cities might say that it’s illegal to do a hot tub installation without first having a building permit. Or your city might require a licensed professional to do your hot tub wiring.

Hot Tub Installation – Where To Place Your Hot Tub Spa

Deciding where to place your hot tubs is very important, especially with hot tubs that aren’t portable spas. Portable spas are a little easier to place, since if you don’t like placement later down the road you can just pick them up and move them.

Having indoor hot tubs requires some thought and maybe slight remodels to your home before placing your hot tubs indoors. Indoor hot tub installation makes you think about ventilation and drainage more then outdoor hot tub installation. So be sure that your indoor hot tubs have proper ventilation and drainage before doing your hot tub installation.

Outdoor hot tub installation should think about placement and foundation more than indoor hot tubs. Try to place your outdoor hot tubs on solid ground that is level. Recommended foundation for hot tub installation outdoors is concrete at least 4” thick reinforced with rebar bars. Try to place your hot tubs and portable spas somewhere in your yard that is the most private. Using wind breaks or hot tub enclosures can provide privacy, as well as keep the wind from getting to your hot tubs water which will waste energy and cost you more on your electricity bill.

Most of the hot tub installation process is really easy, and be done yourselves except for the hot tub wiring. Hot tub wiring wrong can fry your hot tub or yourself! Always read your hot tub manuals for their specifications of hot tub installation.

Hot Tub Cleaning Information – Hot Tubs Cleaning

Hot tub cleaning practices is what will make you want to jump into the hot tub spa, or stay far, far away from the dirty thing. This is 3 different processes: sanitizers/hot tub shock treatment, actually cleaning your hot tubs, and changing your hot tubs water. Doing these 3 processes regularly will ensure the best hot tub cleaning.

Hot Tub Cleaning – Changing The Water

Before you can give your spa the proper hot tub cleaning it needs to be clean, you need to completely drain it. Depending on how often you use your hot tub spa will dictate how often the water needs to be changed. But as a general rule, you should change the water every 3-4 months.

Hot Tub Cleaning – Actually Cleaning Your Hot Tubs Shell

After you drain your hot tubs your going to want to actually clean the hot tub spa shell. Outdoor spas will need this the most, but indoor hot tubs will need this as well. You should use a scrubber brush apply any cleaning chemical that you bought from your local hot tub store. After this you should use stain and scale prevention for the best spa shell hot tub cleaning

After you gave your hot tubs a good scrub and used a stain and scale prevention product, and got all of the residue off the walls, you should rinse your hot tub spa out completely. Don’t leave any residue from the chemicals, or you will be bathing in those cleaning chemicals later.

Hot Tub Cleaning – Sanitizers & Shock Treatment

The last step to your hot tub cleaning is adding your hot tub sanitizers and shock treatment. Always follow directions on the products package, and don’t combine chemicals unless otherwise told to. Go to our hot tub chemicals section for more information regarding this phase of hot tub cleaning.

Hot Tub Maintenance Information – Hot Tubs Maintenance

Do you want to keep your hot tubs and portable spas for a long time? Do you want your hot tubs to be inviting to get into? If you answered yes to either of those last two questions, then you need to practice regular hot tub maintenance! And if you bought your hot tub from a hot tub manufacturers that supplied a warranty, they may not honor that warranty if you showed improper hot tub maintenance practices.

Hot Tub Maintenance – Chemicals

Your hot tub chemicals (see section for more information about hot tub chemicals) should always be at proper levels to ensure proper hot tub maintenance. This includes your hot tubs sanitizers, hot tub shock and proper use of your hot tub ozonator.

Hot Tub Maintenance – Spa Shell

Hot tub maintenance of your hot tubs spa shell will keep it lasting longer. Use a stain and scale prevention every time that you change your hot tubs water to kill algae and bacteria that makes the discoloration which form at the top of your hot tub water line. There are plenty of stain and scale hot tub products that will fix this problem easily.

Hot Tub Maintenance – Hot Tub Covers

At least three times a year, you should clean and protect your hot tub covers. Use a mild soap and water solution to wipe down the cover, and use a hot tub cover protectant that will protect the vinyl material from cracks which will happen from exposure to UV rays.

Changing Your Hot Tubs Water

You should change your hot tubs water depending on how much you use it, and how much unwanted residues enter the hot tub spa water. As a general rule of thumb for the best hot tub maintenance, you want to change your water every 3-4 months. Following this general rule will make sure your portable spas water is inviting for you and your guests to get into.

Changing Your Hot Tubs Filter

Because every hot tub filters are different, you should refer to the product manual regarding this information. Some hot tub filters only last a couple months, while others last a year or more. Keeping your hot tubs filter rotating out on a consistent schedule will make sure your hot tub maintenance is optimal.

Hot Tub Care Information – Hot Tubs Care

Hot tub care most importantly consists of 2 different processes – maintaining your hot tubs water balance (pH and TA) and hot tub chemicals. If you closely observe, fix and maintain both of these processes then your hot tubs water will be much more enjoyable to you and your guests.

Hot Tub Care – Hot Tub Water Balance

Maintaining balanced hot tub water is when all of the minerals in your hot tub spa have been added correctly, resulting in the best hot tub care. This means that your hot tubs pH and TA are at safe levels for humans.

Your hot tubs TA (total alkalinity) is measurement of the alkaline in your hot tubs water. Having a hot tub with correct TA will make it so your water can resist to sudden changes in the pH. As a general rule of hot tub care, you should always adjust your hot tubs TA first, then check your pH. The best level of hot tub TA is 80-140, and you can measure this using test strips.

Your hot tubs pH levels should be from 7.2-7.8 for best hot tub care. If your water pH is high, you need some kind of acid to bring it back down. Remember that if you have a concrete hot tub you want to keep a pH that is a little on the higher side, since concrete will erode when the water is acidic. You should also remember that bromine is very acidic, so using bromine will bring down your water pH as well.

Not using proper water balance hot tub care can have some really bad effects on your hot tubs, leading to the need for hot tub repair.

Hot Tub Care – Using Sanitizers

Using proper hot tub sanitizers at proper levels is the only thing that will keep your hot tub safe from bacteria. Chlorine and bromine are the two most commonly used hot tub sanitizers, and if used in conjunction with a hot tub ozonator, your system can do a really good job and you will have the cleanest crystal clear water possible.

Other Hot Tub Care Practices

Water hardness is another thing you can monitor to keep your hot tub spa water at it’s best. This is the amount of calcium in the water. If your water hardness is too low, you may ruin your hot tub parts and equipment. There are plenty of products available to increase water hardness, but managing high levels of water hardness isn’t as easy.

Stain and scale prevention is critical to hot tub care of your hot tubs shell. Every time you empty out your hot tubs water and change it, use a stain and scale prevention product.

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