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Hydro Spa

Hydro Spa

Hydro Spa Hot Tub – Luxury Performance Hot Tubs

Hydro Spa has been making hot tubs since 1975. Their product lineup includes portable hot tubs, home spas, hot tub accessories and an abundance of hot tub parts. Their focus is on hot tub hydrotherapy massage as well as backyard products to accompany a hot tub spa. Hydro pro hot tub you can buy at SaluSpa Website.

Hydro Spa Millennium Hot Tubs

These portable spas are great family hot tubs that will meet the needs of most are looking for. This Hydro Spa fits 5-6 adults comfortably with 2 back master seats, 2 total therapy seats, 1 hot tub lounger and a cool down seat for when you get too hot and need a break. The hot tub shell is acrylic reinforced with extra strength where you need it most, and can fit a total of 350 gallons of water. The hot tub has a total of 66 jets, 54 different styles of hydrotherapy water and 10 aromatherapy jets. This hot tub boasts 2 high flow rate hot tub pumps for the water and a 24 hour circulation pump. The finishing touches of this Hydro Spa is the hot tub cover, hot tub steps, underwater decorative lighting and LED colored mood lighting and cascading waterfall to set the mood.

This model also comes with some great upgrades for making it more special. Add a marine grade stereo with am/fm/cd player and pop up speakers, deluxe dura step, premium spa umbrella and hot tub cover lifters, and you have yourself the ultimate hot tub made by Hydro Spa! Check more here…

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