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The Top Rated Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

While there’s no right answer to the best Jacuzzi hot tubs, here at Hot Tubs and Portable Spas we are giving you our pick of the top rated Jacuzzi hot tubs based on Jacuzzi hot tub options, features, performance, durability, price and total value. Since we are considered experts in the hot tubs and portable spas industry, we have a good sense of what makes the best Jacuzzi hot tubs. So if you want our hot tub reviews, read on ahead…

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J-480

The J-480 Jacuzzi Spa makes our top rated list because of the numerous features and look of these luxurious hot tubs. While this hot tub spa is not the cheapest (price is usually around $12,000), it makes the list because of the enormous value you get out of these Jacuzzi hot tub deals.

Hot tub reviews have shown that these Jacuzzi hot tubs are very durable, and in general usually require very little hot tub service. In fact, our surveys have shown that buyers of these Jacuzzi hot tubs have only needed to bring somebody out to check on a problem 5% of the time within the first 5 years. If you are going to spend $12,000 on a hot tub spa, the last thing you would want to do is need a servicing which will cost you extra money and keep you out of your Jacuzzi hot tubs for some time.

One of the special features that makes these Jacuzzi portable hot tubs special is that they have their brands “WaterColour” feature, a cool waterfall that massages your neck, relaxes your auditory senses, and just plain looks cool. The J-480 also has 48 “PowerPro” jets which give you a lot of control over your hot tub massage and targets all the muscle groups where your body stores stress. Topping that off with the Jacuzzi hot tubs audio system and iPod dock makes this hot tub spa all you could ever ask for, and more.

Other Jacuzzi features of this hot tub include a high quality and durable control system, lighted adjustable hot tub spa pillows, spinner jets, interior lighting, an energy efficient / quiet filtration system keeping your water crystal clear and clean, and foot mound jets – all of which make these very special Jacuzzi tubs!

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