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LA Spas was founded in 1976, and since then they have been renown as one of the top manufacturers of custom built hot tubs and patented their own system of “Reverse Mold Technology” (RMT). LA Spas slogan is “Quality, Choice, Lifestyle”. Hot tub reviews show that they are one of the best in the industry with high quality products and a solid reputation to show it.

Loaded hot tub from L.A. Spas. Music B/T, four speakers, LED lights throughout, three waterfalls, synthetic cabinet.

LA Spas Water Management System

LA Spas water management system is one of the best in the business, so that you always have crystal clear water in your outdoor spas by utilizing a mixing chamber, circulation pump and heater to clean your hot tubs while heating it with maximum energy efficiency. The mixing chamber maximizes the effectiveness of a hot tubs ozonator, while the circulation pump silently circulates the water while using less energy than most. Lastly, LA Spas hot tub heaters lets the water pass through the heater quickly, while heating it with maximum energy efficiency.

Aqua Klean Filtration

The LA Spa “Aqua Klean” filtration system is the backbone of LA Spas hot tubs water cleanliness technology. This system makes the hot tubs water flow to the filter easy, with few restrictions to allow for better filtering. They claim that with other systems, up to 70% of the hot tubs water gets bypassed, and unfiltered while with the LA Spas filtration system 100% of the water goes through their filters.

LA Spas Hydrotherapy

The La Spa “Quadrant” jet system is aimed to provide users the ultimate in hot tub hydrotherapy and increase blood circulation. The system accomplishes this by focusing on your body’s main muscle groups in every hot tub seat: shoulders,neck,spine,back,arms,legs and feet. The jets can be customized to you liking as well, so you can get a soft or deep tissue massage depending on your own preference.

Aesthetically Pleasing Hot Tubs

These jacuzzis are some of the most pleasing on the eye of any hot tubs made. Adding one of their soothing waterfalls, which can create a pleasant ambiance to your hot tubs both visually and auditorily, gives yourself a tropical oasis in your LA Spas. LASpas website is

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