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Outdoor Spas

Outdoor Spas – Outdoor Spa Information

Outdoor spas really have their perks. While indoor hot tubs have some benefits over outdoor spas, such as more privacy, there is something satisfying and appealing about being in the great outdoors! In this section of Hot Tubs and Portable Spas we’re going to discuss outdoor spas hot tub information.

Benefits Of Outdoor Spas

Outdoor spas have some great benefits over indoor hot tubs. The biggest benefit that indoor hot tubs have over an indoor spa is privacy. But with the quality and low prices of some hot tub enclosures on the market today, it is easy to add the element of privacy to an outdoor home spa.

Outdoor spas allow people to own their own portable hot tubs that they wouldn’t have room for indoors. Since not everybody has a humongous home with spare rooms for an indoor hot tub, outdoor spas are a good option to have.

Drainage and ventilation is much less of a concern with outdoor spas, if any concern at all. Since these hot tubs are outdoors already, water will have a much easier time evaporating and won’t bother you hours after you use the hot tub spa. You also won’t have to worry about how to get rid of the smell coming from your hot tub chemicals. Outdoor spas will ventilate themselves without having to spend money on expensive fans or remodels to add a window to rooms where indoor hot tubs reside.

Disadvantages Of Outdoor Spas

Don’t get us wrong, us here at Hot Tubs and Portable Spas are big fans of outdoor spas. But there are some disadvantages that you should think about before jumping right in and purchasing one of these outdoor home spas. Like we stated earlier, the biggest downfall of outdoor spas hot tubs is that they give you less privacy than indoor hot tubs. While this can be counteracted with a hot tub gazebo or other type of enclosure, these will cost you some cash.

The other biggest disadvantage (which can also be an advantage, depending on how you look at things) is the fact that it’s in the unpredictable outdoors. This means that you never really know what’s going to happen – tree branches falling into your hot tub or on top of the cover, animals chewing their way into the outdoor spa, temperature drops that suddenly freeze water lines along with all kinds of other problems that you can’t predict are common problems of having an outdoor spa. While there are steps you can take to prepare for most of these problems it takes a lot of thought and maintenance to battle.

The Best Outdoor Spa Places

If you live in a big city, then maybe you should purchase an indoor hot tub. But in you live in the country, or anywhere a little more remote than a big city, outdoor spas are a great way to go. These outdoor spas will really give you a great panoramic view if placed properly and provide a relaxing outdoor spa environment.

Best Outdoor Spas Hot Tub Manufacturers

Arctic Spas is Hot Tubs and Portable Spas favorite outdoor spas hot tub manufacturers. These hot tubs are manufactured out of Alberta, Canada so they know what needs to be done for an outdoor spa to work great. Like they say, these outdoor spas are “engineered for the world’s harshest climates”.

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