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Soft Tub

Soft Tub – What You Should Be Aware Of With Soft Tubs

A soft tub hot tub are great, low cost options that allow many people to own hot tubs. But in return, the soft tub is the least durable of all of the portable spas, and before you decide to purchase one there are warnings that you should be aware of so that your soft tub lasts as long as possible, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Soft Tubs And Children

Because a soft tub is filled with air, which makes them the most delicate of all the portable hot tubs, you always have to be aware when children are around your soft tub. Since children sometimes like to play rough, they should always be closely supervised when around a soft tub hot tub. Even though it might be fun for them to bounce off the walls of a soft tub, this is bad for the inflatable hot tub shell, and chances are that this will be the death of your beloved soft tub.

Sharp Objects

Sharp objects shouldn’t be anywhere close to your soft tubs. These models aren’t meant to withstand punctures which will cause the hot tub to leak and crumble to the ground. Be careful with glass, pens, pencils, toys and anything else that might puncture the walls of your hot tubs.

Moving Your Soft Tub

One of the major benefits of these hot tubs is that they are highly portable and very easy to move – whether you just want to move it around in your backyard, inside your house, or put it away in your closet for the winter. But fact of the matter is that this is one of the most likely times that you may rip, tear or puncture the walls of the hot tub. So anytime you want to move your soft tub, you should take extra care.

While these models aren’t as durable as other models of hot tubs, with the right care and maintenance, they can last a long time. Treat it right, and you will enjoy your soft tub for years to come.

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