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Solana Spa

Solana Spa Hot Tubs & Spas

Solana Spa motto is “Serenity made simple”, and that’s what these hot tubs do, bring you serenity and relaxation. The Solana Spa model comes from the better known makers of Hot Springs Spas, so you know these hot tubs automatically get a good reputation. This line of hot tubs only has 2 different smaller models, but they are good ones nonetheless. Solana Spa is a sister company and brand of HotSpring Spas

Solana Spa hot tubs feature clever designs that will lighten up any backyard or room. Not only do they look good, but they are comfortable, and give customers options of many different adjustable jets to customize their hydrotherapy massage.

Solana Spa - how it functions

Solana Spas Models

The smallest hot tub spa from this line is the TX, which is a 2 person hot tub that normally sells for around $4,000. These are popular, entry level hot tubs that are a great value for their low price. These hot tubs have 1 Moto-Massage Jet, 1 rotary hydromassage jet, 8 other jets and water capacity for 130 gallons. While they aren’t the most luxurious of all models, they certainly are some of the best cheap hot tubs.

The Solana SX is still a pretty small hot tub that usually also usually sells for around $4,000 with seating capacity for 3 adults, 1 Moto-Massage Jet, 16 other jets, and water capacity for 285 gallons of water. This model also features blue LED lighting with a dimmer to make it look elegant inside the tub.

If you are interested in these hot tubs, remember “Serenity made simple” is the motto, which is what you’ll get from Solana Spa.

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