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Spa Covers – How To Make A Spa Cover

Do you have an old spa covers that is ready to be replaced but are too stubborn to go out and buy a spa cover? If that sounds like you then this page is for people like yourself! Spa covers can actually come out better – sturdier, better looking and longer lasting then the spa covers that you buy from stores or come from hot tub manufacturers. So if you want to learn how to make a spa cover, then read on ahead, with our do it yourself guide to making spa covers!

In order to make a spa cover you will need a tape measure, some kind of thick canvas, 1’ X 2’ pressure treated wood boards, staple gun and chalk string line.

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Making Hot Tub Spa Covers

First you need to take measurements of the Jacuzzi that you intend on building the spa cover for. You want to take measurements from the inside of the hot tub spa not the outside, and then jot them down somewhere.

Cut your canvas 8” larger in size than the total dimensions of your hot tubs. This means that each side of the canvas should extend 8” further than the hot tub spa.

Using your chalk string line, mark a line that is 8” from each side. Then you want to place a long 1’ X 2’ under the tarp at the chalk line on the left side. Make sure the 2 inch side is down. Staple the canvas to the wood along the chalk line. Do you see the progress coming on your spa covers yet?

Slide the other long 1’ X 2’ under the tarp, and along the chalk line on the right side of the soon to be spa cover. Staple it down, make sure it is snug.

Place one short 1’ X 2’ under the tarp, and along the chalk line at the top. Butt it against the one on the left side. Staple it down making sure it is snug again.

Staple another short board under the tarp, and along the chalk line at the top. Only, butt this one against the right side. Staple it down snug.

Place a short 1×2 board under the tarp at the bottom, and along the chalk line. Butt this against the left side and staple it down.

Put the last 1×2 board under the tarp at the bottom, and along the chalk line. Butt this one against the right side and staple it down.

Make sure there is about an inch or so of space between the two boards located at the top and bottom.

Connect the left and right sides, that are located in the middle, with the rest of the spa covers long boards.

Fold the canvas in half and place it on your hot tubs. Next, unfold it to cover the hot tub spa.

Allowing the edges to hang from the spa covers will help your hot tub retain heat. You may sew around the edges to prevent damage to your spa covers.

*These directions only apply to square or rectangle hot tubs. If you have an awkward shaped hot tub spa, don’t use these directions for making your own spa covers.

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