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Spas Chemicals List – Spa Chemical Information

Everybody has their own opinions about what’s the best spas chemicals on the market. Here at Hot Tubs and Portable Spas, we don’t want to make the judgement for you as to what’s the best spas chemicals, but we’ll give you this list of all the current spas chemicals sold today with information regarding each spa chemical.

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Best Spas Chemicals

Chlorine is one of the most widely used spas chemicals, and it has been used longer than any other spa chemical. Chlorine hot tub chemicals works very fast in your home spas but doesn’t last very long. Chlorine can also be used as a spa chemical shock treatment. The main problem that people have with hot tubs chlorine is that chemically odor smell it puts off and how it burns your eyes (both of which can be eliminated by regular shock treatments).

Bromine is one of the favorite spas chemicals used. Hot tub bromine is very similar to chlorine and acts very much the same as well. One advantage of hot tub bromine is that it’s much less harsh on your eyes, hair and skin. Not only is the bromine spa chemical easier on your body, it also smells a lot less intense than chlorine does. The biggest disadvantage to these spas chemicals is that they are more likely to be misused, especially if you aren’t monitoring your jacuzzis as often as you should be.

People like biguanide because it’s has little of the spa chemical odor associated with all of the other spas chemicals. It also causes the least irritation on average to your hair, skin and eyes which makes people like it. The main disadvantage to this spa chemical is that it kills bacteria, but not many of the other organisms that fester inside your hot tubs. It has been said that after using this spa chemical for years, bacteria can start to build up an immunity to biguanide, resulting in lots of bacteria in your hot tubs and cloudy hot tub water.

Clarifying Agents
Water spas chemicals clarifying agents are a great thing to use since they make your water crystal clear. Be careful not to over use this spa chemical, or use in conjunction with a hot tub ozonator or these spas chemicals can actually have the reverse effect on your hot tubs, making your water not clear at all!

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