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Swim Spas Guide – Features, Pricing & More

Swim spas home exercise pools are the latest craze of the hot tub world! These new swim spa hot tubs give you all the exercise benefits that you would get out of a pool, without needing as much space in your backyard or as much money in your wallet! Not only do swim spas offer users a highly customizable workout that meets the individual needs of your fitness levels, swim spa hot tubs can also serve the purpose of a hot tub for relaxation.

Swim Spas – How Do They Work?

Swim spas use a power source to create a controllable current, that allows users to swim right in their backyard, or even inside their own home! While using a swim spa, you use your arms and legs to swim against the current and stay in the same place of the hot tub.

Swim Spa Hot Tubs

Most swim spas carry all of the same equipment that comes with hot tubs, such as hot tub pumps and heating systems. This makes it so buyers don’t need separate units and combine the best of both worlds – hot tubs and pools!

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Top Swim Spas Hot Tubs Manufacturers (not in any order):

  • H2X
  • Aquatic Fitness Systems
  • Endless Pools
  • Sunbelt Spas
  • Hydropool
  • SwimEx
  • GlimmerGlass
  • Master Spas
  • Dimension One

Swim Spas Pricing

The cheapest swim spas hot tubs usually start at $17,000, ranging all the way to $25,000 and more, especially if you want to build a custom swim spa.

Swim Spa Advantages Over Pools
The main advantages that swim spas have over pools is the ease of installation and price. While installing a pool in your backyard will require you to leave your backyard alone for weeks, maybe months on end – this isn’t the case with a home exercise pool. Installation should be somewhat simple and almost anybody could do it with a little help during the plumbing process. Pricing of home exercise pools are also much cheaper than regular pools – you can get a home exercise pool for $17,000 while the average pool will cost over $40,000!

If you’ve never seen or tried one of these, we suggest you do – and see what the swim spas hot tub craze is all about.

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