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Hot Tub Pumps

Hot Tub Pumps – Hot Tubs Pumps Information

Your hot tub pumps is what circulates water around your hot tubs. Your hot tubs pump is what works the hardest inside your portable hot tubs. Just about everything in your hot tubs and spas relies on these hot tub pumps – your hot tub filters, your hot tub jets and heaters. In this section of Hot Tubs and Portable Spas we’re going to discuss hot tub pumps.

How Do My Hot Tub Pumps Work?

To better understand your hot tubs you should know how each part works. To keep your water circulating throughout the hot tub spa, your hot tub pumps draws water from your hot tubs and then brings it through the filter to collect debris. After going through the hot tubs filter it sends it into the heater, where the water is warmed up. Lastly, the water comes out through the jets where you will finally see and feel it, and enjoy it!

Your hot tub pumps work harder than any other of your hot tub parts, and this is why they are usually the first part of a hot tub spa to breakdown.

Problems With Your Hot Tub Pumps

That brings me to dealing with problems concerning your hot tubs pump. When anything goes wrong with some part in your hot tubs, the first thing you want to do is refer to your hot tub manufacturers manual. They might tell you a list of approved products that you should be using, which may or may not matter or be helpful. These recommendations will at least let you know what kinds of hot tub pumps you should be looking at anyway.

You need to find out which hot tub pumps have died on you, since there is a small one that circulates the water, and one used for your hot tub jets. Before you go out and buy a new hot tubs pumps, you should check the hot tub motors that powers the pump. Replacing the motor is less costly than replacing the whole unit, but a lot of times the best thing to do is replace everything. We’ve seen many cases where replacing only the motor has just caused headaches for people.

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